Jul 11, 2021

Sleepzy Premium v3.17.1 APK is Here! [Latest]

Sleepzy Premium the smart alarm clock and sleep tracker, finds the optimal time to wake you, delivers nightly sleep statistics, and detects whether you snore. These tools and more help you sleep well, monitor your sleep behavior and create healthy habits towards wellness. This sleep pattern tracker and alarm clock analyzes your sleep cycle and notifies you if you have a sleep debt. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, this sleep app will help you sleep better and bring you quality rest just like your favorite pillow.
  • Wake up during the lightest sleep phase of your sleep to feel refreshed, rested and ready for the day
  • Track sounds that you make while sleeping
  • Manage your sleep cycle and create healthy habits to stay on schedule
  • Fall asleep to relaxing sounds and wake up to your favorite music
  • Set your Sleep Goal and track Sleep Debt to stay motivated and sleep better
  • Track Sleep Patterns to understand when you get your best quality sleep with the most captivating sleep tracker
  • Bonus up your life with an advanced weekly Sleep Stats and Sleep Tracker
  • Know your Sleep Quality and take the necessary steps to improve your sleep cycle
  • Find out whether you snore or make any sounds while sleeping with the Snore Recorder
  • Start your own Sleep Diary inside the app
  • Get into the most bountiful and relaxed state before bed 
  • Start your own journal with Sleepzy alarm clock to observe correlations between your sleep patterns and daily activities.  
  • This smart alarm clock delivers a thorough sleep analysis of the user's sleep, records your sleep cycle and makes recommendations on what you can do to sleep better. 
  • Sleepzy alarm clock to observe correlations between your sleep patterns and daily activities.  
What's New
Here's an update for all early birds and night owls! We’ve fixed some minor issues to improve your sleep tracking experience. 
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