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Sep 4, 2021

Nebula icon pack v5.1.3 APK [Latest]

Say Hello to Nebula icon pack A set of simple yet sophisticated Icons, with a pop of colors! Nebula icon pack will gives you a pleasant, soothing feeling and you will love looking at your homescreen! You can request 10 icons/week which will be themed sooner rather than later! If some icons are present in the pack, but aren't getting themed, just send me an icon request for such icons and I will fix them immediately!
What's Included with Nebula?
  • Easy to use Blueprint dashboard by Jahir Fiquitva!
  • 1000+ carefully handcrafted vector icons and many more to come!
  • 192x192px high resolution Icons!
  • 20 awesome wallpapers which include wallpapers exclusively made by awesome designers Rishi Bafna and Saurav Katyar!
  • Weekly updates with many new icons!
  • Support for many launchers!
  • Thanks to Jahir Fiquitva for his opensource Blueprint dashboard!
  • Huge Thanks to Rishi Bafna and Saurav Katyar for making the awesome walls!
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