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Oct 5, 2021

InnerHour Premium v3.53 APK is Here! [Latest]

InnerHour Premium is your safe space for self-care. We believe in quality mental health support. Our psychiatrists and psychologists have used their insights from therapy along with the latest science in cbt (cognitive behaviour therapy), positive psychology, and mindfulness to translate the real-life therapy experience into self-care modules. Find the strength, skills, & resources to overcome depression, beat anxiety, tackle stress, sleep better, & improve your overall mental health. Change your life for the better with 400+ therapy-based self-help tools designed for depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health concerns.
  • We know that each person has unique mental health needs.
  • Our scientific assessment - built by mental health experts - allows us to personalise your self-care journey for depression, anxiety, stress, sleep & more.
  • With InnerHour Premium build habits for good mental health that will last a lifetime by setting and tracking self-care goals.
  • This CBT-inspired feature will empower you to stay on track to become your best version.
  • Get insights into your mental health & figure out simple self-care solutions to feel better over time.
  • Understand the causes of depression
  • A number of our offerings are available for free, including our Foundation courses, the Relief Bot, Self-Care Goals, the Mood Tracker, and InnerHour Premium Resources.
  • Learn about the symptoms of anxiety
  • The InnerHour Premium self-care therapy app is free to download for all.
  • Know how to tell if it’s time to go to therapy
  • Your self-care plan is a reflection of what happens in real-life therapy.
  • Over 4 weeks, we hope to help you practise skills to battle depression, sleep better, get anxiety relief, tackle stress, & ultimately attain good mental health.
  • Get support for more specific concerns like overthinking, social anxiety, loneliness.
  • Just like in therapy, you can work on these specific areas in addition to your main plan.
  • Access our limited-period self-care courses to stick to your new year goals, find hope, & to find all the mental health support to make this year the best one yet. More coming soon!
What's New
  • Introducing: Psychiatry services on our platform
  • We care about your mental health needs!
  • In addition to online therapy, you can now talk to a qualified psychiatrist to get medication support for your concerns. Note: this feature will only be available to users based in India.
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