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Jun 29, 2021

UpNote Premium v1.4.6 Mod APK [Latest]

UpNote Premium is an elegant and powerful note app that works seamlessly across platforms. UpNote has beautiful fonts and elegant themes that you can adjust to make your writing experience most comfortable and pleasant. The app is designed to help you take notes easily and stay focused on what matters most. UpNote’s intuitive organizing system will keep your note space neat and light. There are many ways to organize your notes: putting them into notebooks, pinning your notes to the top of the note list, bookmarking them for quick reference or linking to other notes. You can also close any notebooks to focus on only most important one. It is an ideal place to keep your diary and journal. It has a powerful lock feature so that you can rest assured that your notes stay private and secure. 

UpNote Premium
  • Lock your notes and notebooks
  • Insert table and attachments
  • UpNote’s rich editor makes it perfect for planning and managing your tasks.
  • Simply write down your to-do list and have them synced to all your devices.
  • Write unlimited number of notes
  • Elegant themes and notebook covers
  • Export to text PDF, HTML and Markdown
  • UpNote syncs notes instantly on all devices.
  • It also works reliably offline, so you could take note anytime, anywhere.
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