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Jun 2, 2021

Samsung Max Deluxe+ v4.2.67 APK [Premium]

Samsung max deluxe premium apk
Samsung Max Deluxe+ is the most efficient way to stretch your data plan and save the money you spend on data. Samsung Max premium track and control your apps’ data consumption on mobile and Wi-Fi, or easily block background data, and data access for any app. Samsung Max advises you when apps consume aggressive amounts of background data, and gives you control to allow or block access. Save mobile data . Protect your privacy. Get updates, alerts, stats, and tips on everything your apps are doing, and how to manage them. Watch more, listen more, and browse more without concern for your data plan or your personal privacy - samsung max has you covered with both savings and privacy protection.

  • Samsung Max Deluxe+offers foreground data savings / data compression service and background data management to extend your time in all of your apps without your mobile data plan running out as quickly - perfect for everyday data savings, maximum savings when travelling, or when you encounter poor network conditions.
  • See the data your apps are using and reduce it by turning on data savings - to save your data and money.
  • Limiting or restricting their mobile and wi-fi data consumption to save money.
  • It's easy, It will give you alerts for apps using too much background data.
  • Use It’s super-secure and encrypted connections when on public wi-fi to ensure your personal information is protected.
  • Go incognito in all your apps to avoid targeted ads and data snoopers from tracking you.
  • Throw those tracking companies off your trail.
  • Get privacy reports to better manage both your privacy within apps and network connections.
  • Ultra apps will save data, protect your privacy
  • Give you more powerful control over the experience of your favorite social networks and destinations without wasting your mobile data plan or putting your privacy at risk. Ultra apps are advanced web apps that load mobile website versions of your favorite services, but they are optimized by samsung max’s cloud technology.
  • Boost wi-fi connectivity in crowded wi-fi hotspots or weak signal areas. 

How it works
With data saving modes or privacy modes activated, all your network traffic from your apps is compressed and encrypted by samsung max’s servers before it reaches your android device. A bank-grade, secure network connection means even when you are on public wi-fi your personal information is protected, and max’s data savings cloud means the data usage is as efficient as possible. 

Samsung max deluxe latest apk
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