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Feb 10, 2021

Motionleap Pro v1.3.5 Cracked APK [Premium]

Motionleap Pro Cracked
Motionleap Pro offers a easy way for photo animation and editing. Motionleap animate and edit photos with the creative kit’s amazing picture editing tools. It allows you to easily edit photos with powerful, precise, and easy to use 3D picture animation tools. The picture editor lets you see your image come to life with real-time edits as you create mesmerizing art in moments. It brings life to images, creating animation picture effects and cinemagraphs that will wow anyone from your friends to your followers - best of all, it’s a free photo animation app. Animate photos and add 3D picture effects to watch your image come to life as incredible videos that boomerang back and forth or flow like a GIF.
Animation creator
  • Add 3D photo animation with a few taps and swipes
  • Simple arrows set photo motion direction
  • Anchor points limit photo motion and hold parts of animated photo in place
  • Freeze sections of photos with a Freeze brush
Video effects in a photo editor
  • Animated photo editing tools including speed, direction, and style
  • 3D Photo editor effects and adjustments to distort perspective & style
  • Video and 3D photo maker with every type of effect you need
Add animation to photos with overlays
  • Add photo filters and fun Overlays to bring mood, emotion & movement to still photos
  • Share your 3D photos on your Stories and Feed
  • Animation effects for pictures with weather Overlays, sparkles, and more!
  • Create motion graphics effects resembling cinemagraphs to make your stories come alive

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