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Feb 26, 2022

Fotor Pro v7.3.1.232 Cracked APK [Premium]

Fotor pro
Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Pro is an premium photo editing program with 350 million users that from all round the globe. Fotor was once called photoshop lite by the bbc because of its ease of use and its ability to satisfy most of your photo editing needs. Hundreds of special effects designed by pro photographers and designs to carefully cover color pallettes, like film, nostalgic, retro, kaleidoscope and other styles. There's so many to choose from that you can mix and match to create dazzling visual displays, Christmas, printing, snowflake frames, holidays, and over 200+ other interesting and unique stickers for you to choose from which makes editing that much more interesting!


  • Personalized collages makes it easy to control any space!
  • Fotor's Collage Creator to quickly create something
  • You can also add filters and rotate the image.
  • Your space is now yours to customize!
  • Professional editing software that you can chisel out your own charming image!
  • The industry-leading Fotor photo processor is powerful, able to handle high-quality images with ease.
  • No matter if you are adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights, noise, dark corners, cropping, angle correction, or whatever, Fotor can handle it!
  • One-click enhancements brings out the best in your photos!
  • That means editing is inevitable, which is where the magic of Fotor comes in.
  • One-click Enhancement lets you make quick editing changes to the image in both detail and level.
  • The Scene features offers 13 different auto-enhancement options for various lighting, shadow, etc. conditions.
  • Now you can shoot and adjust later
  • A natural focus that unleashes your creative spirit
  • Fotor has circle, lines, and ellipses to focus on your expression point.
  • The shift-axis editor that is used to adjust depth of field is only found on in professional DSLR rigs, but now it's also available here in Fotor

What's New:
  • Optimized design homepage, more convenient to find templates.
  • Added in-app notifications, won't miss any important notification.
  • New collage ratio added.
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