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Jul 18, 2022

Before Pauncher Pro 4.1.1 APK [Premium]

Before minimalist launcher pro

Before Launcher pro gets your time back, by decluttering phone and giving it a minimal look. Before launcher provides many useful features including. Reduce distractions with our notification filter. 80% of all notifications don’t warrant interruption


  • Minimal homescreen
  • Quickly launch your most important apps.
  • Customize the look and feel
  • Choose from our large list of photo, gradient and solid themes or create your own.
  • Fast access to your favorites and everything else
  • Quickly access all your favorite apps in a scrollable, sortable & searchable list.
  • Favorite, folder and hide your apps
  • Group apps into folders, pin apps to the top of your apps list, and hide unwanted and distracting bloatware.
  • Hide your less important notifications
  • Our filtered notification drawer is unique. Less important notifications don't flash, vibrate, make noise or appear on your lock screen. But, you still receive them and they are accessible with an easy swipe.
  • Notified but not distracted
  • Focus on what is essential. Your important notifications work normally, so you don’t miss anything.
  • We are not in the business of capturing or selling your data. We don't track any personally identifiable data -- we even allow you to turn off our anonymous analytics.
  • Use our true black background to significantly preserve your battery (if your phone has an AMOLED screen).
  • Take control of your phone
  • Before Launcher sorts apps by their size, their installed date and the last time you used them. Uninstall the ones that take up too much space, or you never use.
  • Add our own styles and also add 3rd party icon packs.
  • Our guided process helps you get Before Launcher set up in no time 

What's New:
  • Custom themes Choose from our list of preset photo, color & gradient themes or make your own
  • Folders Group apps together
  • Pinned apps Easy access to your favorite apps
  • Icon packs Customize your icons
  • Custom app labels Change the name of apps to suit your tastes
  • And more! 
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