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Jun 6, 2021

RainViewer Premium 2.7.4 APK [Latest]

RainViewer premium is the best free weather radar and rain forecast app. RainViewer track rain, snow, or any storm on the live radar map. It forecasts where the storm will be moving within the next 90 mins, building a future radar animation for 1000+ radars over the world. Add your favorite places and get rain alerts to plan your day ahead. Future Radar Forecast. Our app creates a future radar animation for 1000+ weather radars in original resolution for the next 90 min, thus you can plan your day ahead. 

  • Ad-free experience.
  • RainViewer offers Push notifications of upcoming rain for any favorite location.
  • Weather map archive for the previous 48 hours.
  • Remove watermarks from radar animation.
  • Rain radar forecast for the next 90 minutes with 5-min steps.
  • Up to 10 favorite locations.
  • Increase time ranges for shared animation.
  • See how rain or snow has been moving during the previous 6 hours (48 hours Premium Feature).
  • Twice as fast radar map updates, every 5 mins.
  • Single radar map: All 1000+ radars on a single map or tap on a specific one to view more details.
  • View HD information from the radar (smoothing) or view the classic radar (without smoothing).
  • Stay notified when rain or snow is on its way.
  • Specify the radius to receive alerts for nearby precipitation.
  • 48-hour/14-day weather forecast.
  • Set up any favorite place on Home Widget.
  • Select color scheme for the precipitation layer from the 16 available color schemes in the app
  • Turn on a snow display so that you're ready to make a snowman.
  • Select Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C), Miles (mi) or Kilometers (km) as units to display temperature and distance. Or mixed: Celsius (°C) and Miles (mi) for the UK.Set up dark mode for night time.
  • RainViewer display precipitation map for the last 1hr - 6hr (1hr - 48hr Premium Features)
  • Map type: Standard, Hybrid, Terrain.

What's New
  • Added "3 hours" archive data interval
  • The new data loading indicator
  • Fixed radar icons on Android 6
  • Fixed black text and arrows on the dark widgets 

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