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Nov 14, 2020

ClevNote Premium v2.21.0 APK [Patched]

ClevNote Premium

ClevNote is a premium memo app to help users to write memos necessary daily. ClevNote is easy & simple notepad that you can use for quick note taking or as a private notebook. Offline notepad that you can use to write on all the notes to remember without the need for internet connection.

  • Manage bank account number
  • Manage checklist
  • You can write down necessary items and use these in a shopping list or to-do list.
  • You can freely modify items for to-do lists, task lists or any kind of things-to-do lists.
  • Manage birthdays list
  • It reminds you about family or friends' birthdays. It supports calendar mode.
  • Manage site ids
  • Since there are countless internet sites out there, it is difficult to remember your ids. This function helps you to remember them.
  • General text memo
  • You can conveniently write down text memos.
  • Even long memos will be okay.
  • Other functions
  • If you enter the bank account number, you can copy it to the clipboard or send it to someone.
  • Cloud backup and restore through google drive
  • Reminder function
  • Widget

Whats Inside:
  • Premium features unlocked analytics disabled
  • Added app themes
  • Improved performance of search feature


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