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Sep 10, 2023

Sublime Merge 2 Build 2091 with Crack [x64]

Sublime merge - git client
Sublime Merge is new git client supporting WIN, Linux and macOS full packed of upgrades, From the first release of Sublime Merge we talked about the simple joy of software that ‘gets it really right’. For our team it means going beyond the minimum, making software as good as it can be, and paying attention to the details. Our community uses  this git client in many different ways; from reviewing commits on a tablet, to writing thousands of lines of code on a desktop computer. 

  • New UI, including repository tabs
  • GPU Rendering
  • Reworked Commit Dialog
  • Added repository tabs, to have multiple repositories open in a single window
  • Added file tabs when viewing the contents of a commit
  • Implement commit signature creation and validation
  • Added a lines changed indicator to commits
  • Command history, available from the Show Git Output icon in the tool bar
  • Added commit message history, available from the dropdown arrow in the commit message box
  • Added support for non-overlay scrollbars in diffs
  • Added Resolve Ours / Resolve Theirs dropdown to unmerged files
  • URLs in commit messages and git output can be opened via the context menu
  • Left and Right keys can be used to expand/collapse merge commits
  • Sublime Merge added Navigate/Go to Child
  • Stash commands no longer supply -q by default, to work around a bug in Git 2.24
  • Checking out a hidden ref will make the ref visible
  • Add Recent Repositories to Welcome Page
  • Search: Added before and after operators
  • Added set_preference and toggle_preference commands
  • Added gitflow publish support
  • Preferences: Updating settings via the preferences dialog no longer clears comments in the settings file
  • Preferences: Added Preferences entry for Ignore Whitespace in diffs
  • Added checks for pushDefault and pushRemote when pushing
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What’s Next:
Many of us use Sublime Merge to manage and share our work, but some of us also use it to review work. File tabs have improved this process significantly, but there’s more work to do. Keep your eyes out for multiple improvements focused on improving your ability to review.


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