May 10, 2020

Game Accelerator v2.1.8 APK is Here! [Patched]

Game Accelerator
Game Accelerator is the world's easiest and elegant game booster app, Game Accelerator gives you the best game experience by solving RAM-Memory and lag issues in games. Removes unused apps and tasks from memory. it speeds up phone and prepares the environment for you to play games in best way. Accelerate your device's performance with just one touch. Optimize the CPU, RAM and many other things automatically for Gaming and max performance! This is an All-In-One Toolbox (App Launcher, Booster & Speed Optimizer).

What is Benefit for GAMER:
  • Unleash the real performance of your Android device. If you want to see the true potential of your device, you should try it now!
  • Optimizes your device for gaming by clearing background tasks. 
  • This clearing process won’t create issue for the stopped background apps, as the stopped app works normally once it is relaunched.
  • You can use Accelerator as App Accelerator to optimise the memory for any app!
  • Rooting your device is not required, it's just optional.
  • Play the highest performance without ever hanging (Freezing & Butchering). 
  • Automatically improves the performance of one-click CPU, RAM, and other hardware features.
  • Game Accelerator will unleash your phone potential and bring your game play experience to the next level!

Game Accelerator


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