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Oct 3, 2022

Focus projects 4 giveaway [Professional]

Focus projects 4 official crack
Request a free unlock code for Focus projects 4 pro for free, FOCUS Projects is a focus stacking software for professional applications. With new FOCUS projects you can create state-of-the-art macro photos which have a fascinating depth of focus and bring extraordinary details to light. The depth of field is still very low in photographs taken at these scales. It cannot be balanced out through strong fading because the detail sharpness of the complete image is then reduced and there is also insufficient light available. We have put an end to all this. The solution is: take a focus stack! It merges all photos with 3 to 1000 sharpness levels into one image with incomparable depth of field. This is a giveaway, through this you will get a free user id and registration code which normally cost around $69

Top highlights at a glance:

  • Hq stacking with 64-bit calculation
  • Focus boost technology for even greater sharpness
  • Up to 1000 sharpness levels
  • Unique precise alignment of all images in the stack
  • Intelligent Automatic Image Optimizer
  • Removal of Scratch and Sensor Errors 
  • Export as Web Page, Video or 3D VRML Object and almost any other Image Format
  • FOCUS Projects 4 include plug-in for adobe lightroom
  • Extra Presets for faster results in an unique quality
  • Full-featured raw development module with all editing functions of a professional raw converter
  • 62 professional presets for rapid results
  • Batch processing for the simultaneous development of dozens of macro photo

How to claim your Key :

  • Go to official → giveaway page
  • Enter your email
  • Fill up the form, Make sure to verify email
  • Now you will receive your user id and registration code in email
  • You will be asked to enter your user id and registration code during installation
  • First time you will need to enter your license key / registration code again

focus projects 4 pro

Giveaway page

FOCUS Projects 4 setup
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