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Aug 28, 2022

YouTube Vanced v17.33.42 APK [Crash Fixed]

Youtube vanced APK
YouTube Vanced is an alternative Youtube allows listen to videos in the background with crash fix tips and more. Vanced app adds a number of features to the official app, including built-in adblocking, background playback, black/dark themes, and much more. It is important to keep in mind that these additional features do NOT include downloading videos. Also offers force resolutions, use the ‘repeat the video’ option and much more. All of that from an interface that’s identical to that of the original client. Sadly vanced project has been shut down so try new → YouTube ReVanced


How to fix youtube vanced crash:

  • Uninstall youtube updates and disable auto-update features in the play store
  • To avoid further keeps on crashing its best to disable official YT app
  • Uninstalling old MicroG and install the new version solve many issue like sign in problems
  • Vanced app is not showing up in the launcher Use the latest magisk version or installer.
  • PIP mode only works on oreo 
  • Crop to fit feature is working on rooted galaxy users but not in the non-root package name is changed. 
  • However, there is an alternative new Pinch to Zoom feature with basically the same functionality.
  • Buying things using the non-root version of the app causes the crash.
  • Therefore just use the original youtube to buy the stuff. It is the better way for your security
  • Download MicroG

How to install youtube vanced app:

  • Download YT Vanced and MicroG suitable for you Root / non-rooted
  • Install MicroG apk if you wish to login and enjoy full features like history, whitelist
  • Visit how to install APKS and to download SAI [Split APKs Installer] 
  • For details watch video
  • I am just proving app for non rooted devices please visit official site to download
Youtube vanced latest APK

YouTube Vanced v17.33.42 [Black] / Mirror 

YouTube Vanced v17.33.42 [Dark] / Mirror 

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