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Feb 1, 2021

Fabulous Premium 3.65 APK is Here! [Patched]

Fabulous premium
Fabulous premium is more than your average daily habit tracker and motivation app. Use Fabulous for motivation to build a refreshed morning routine, exercise, improve your sleep cycle, and lose weight. Start by instilling these healthy living habits that will improve your mental health and keep you on top of your goals. We’re a science-based app that will motivate you to improve your fitness & achieve your weight loss goals, reboot your sleep cycle, and discover mindfulness to reduce your anxiety. You’ll learn to build a transformative morning routine and even pick up life-changing habits like meditation and yoga along the way.

  • Have an irregular sleep cycle and want to learn how to get a good night sleep
  • Struggling with your fitness and don’t know how to lose weight
  • Need motivation to build an indestructible morning routine
  • Want to increase your energy so you have focus the entire day
  • Find it difficult improving your productivity because ADHD
  • Want to improve your mental health through mindfulness so you can cope with anxiety


  • 7-minute scientific workout to improve your fitness so you can lose weight
  • Zen and vipassana meditation for high anxiety and mindfulness
  • Deep work and power nap sessions for productivity and focus
  • Fabulous premium offers stretching starter pack for total flexibility
  • Yoga exercises to reduce anxiety and improve your mental health
  • More self improvement apps Simple Habit, 7 Minute Workout, Lumosity


  • Smart-targeted health advice to develop an exercise routine and improve your fitness
  • Science-based habit tracker focused on health and mindfulness
  • Weight loss workouts that don’t just rely on counting calories (based off the Atkins & HCG diet)
  • Your own personal 1:1 life coach for motivation to achieve your goals
  • Integrated health sessions for meditation and relaxation, yoga, exercise and more
  • Tools to improve your sleep cycle so you can have a good night sleep
  • Expansive library to improve your productivity & focus, and build a successful morning routine


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