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Oct 1, 2020

Glaze Icon Pack v8.9.0 APK [Patched]

Glaze icon pack APK
Glaze icon pack come with a subtle effect to give you a unique look like you have never seen before. Glaze icon pack are complete with modern design and thoughtful creativity! You can request 10 icons/week which will be themed sooner rather than later! If some icons are present in the pack, but aren't getting themed, just send me an icon request for such icons and I will fix them immediately! Special thanks to Jahir Fiquitva for his opensource Blueprint dashboard!

  • 192x192px high resolution Icons!
  • Support for many launchers!
  • Free and unlimited icon request
  • Wallpapers added regularly
  • Compatible with more than twenty launcher (see below)
  • 2000+ carefully handcrafted vector icons and many more to come!
  • Weekly updates with many new icons!
  • Easy to use Blueprint dashboard by Jahir Fiquitva! 
  • Ability to choose the theme of the application (light, dark, amoled, transparent or auto)
  • Dynamic calendar icon
  • Icon shape for unthemed icon 
  • This application is also compatible with unicon and some other launchers that support icon packs (Lawnchair, OnePlus, etc.).

How to Apply:
  • Download a custom launcher like Nova
  • Open the Glaze Icon Pack and navigate to the "Apply" tab.
  • Select your dedicated launcher and you are set to go!
  • To access the wallpapers, simply go into the app, select the "Wallpapers" tab, and pick from over a dozen homemade walls!

Glaze icon pack full APK


Glaze Icon Pack v8.9.0 APK [42Mb] / Mirror / Mirror 

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