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Apr 22, 2020

Magnus Trainer Premium A1.7.126 APK [Modded]

magnus trainer mod APK

Magnus Trainer is a premium chess learning & training app, Magnus Trainer makes learning chess easy and engaging for players of all levels. Play unique, beautiful games crafted by chess experts and game design experts. Deepen your chess skills through premium lessons based on games by Magnus Carlsen and other world-leading chess players. All games and lessons are created by Magnus Carlsen and his team of experienced Grand Masters, all of whom have years of coaching experience. Each mini-game has dozens of levels, ranging from beginner to advanced, allowing all chess players, new and experienced, to find a challenging fit to improve their skills. Those who have never played chess before are able to learn the fundamentals in a series of introductory lessons, while more experienced players have access to advanced tactics and strategies, covering a range of end-game essentials.

The Magnus Trainer app has been featured in Fast Company, The Guardian, and VG, and is the creation of the team behind the Play Magnus app, winner of several design awards. “I’ve always done things a little differently. That is what inspired me to create Magnus Trainer. Chess has always been fun, but this takes learning and training chess to a new level. Magnus Trainer is chess training for everyone!”
— Magnus Carlsen

  • Members enjoy instant access to all 250+ premium lessons
  • As a member, you also get infinite lives so you can always keep playing, including exclusive bonus levels.
  • Premium Subscription Unlocked
  • Multiple unique, beginner-friendly mini-games, with dozens of levels in each.
  • Unique and innovative game design ensures essential chess skills are developed in a fun and effective way.
  • Caters to beginners and advanced players alike.
  • Learn chess from the greatest player of all time!

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