Oct 13, 2019

Dynamic Rotation v1.5 APK is Here! [Unlocked]

Rotation orientation manager pro APK

Dynamic Rotation

Dynamic Rotation change the orientation of foreground app or events. Dynamic Rotation offers fully unlocked and customisable floating head (or notification or tile) available on the top of every task.. When you have auto rotate turned off, your phone’s rotation is locked, probably to portrait mode at first. However, as you rotate your phone within an app, you’ll get a rotation suggestion at bottom-right corner of the phone that allows you to flip the rotation. If you tap the button, it then flips the orientation and locks it to that until you rotate back and tap that suggestion button again.

  • True orientation lock
  • Forced automatic rotation
  • Per application settings
  • Two widgets and a status bar notification with shortcut buttons for easily changing your rotation preference
  • Ability to create shortcuts to specific modes
  • Auto: normal automatic mode, not overriding app preferences
  • Can act as Tasker / Locale plugin to automate your screen orientation setting

  • This app does NOT require root access.
  • Certain applications might not display properly when forced to work on portrait/landscape.
  • You can set a per application preference to normal auto or manual mode to workaround these issues.
  • Enjoy Dynamic Rotation Unlocked

Dynamic Rotation full APK


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