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Sep 27, 2019

Mystic Vale v3.0.4 APK + OBB Data Here! [Download]

Mystic vale APK free download
Mystic Vale is here to download including offline OBB data. Mystic Vale Based on the Origins award-winning board game from AEG. With the innovate Card Crafting System, you can keep improving and building your cards to create a diverse and effective deck. Take on the role of a druid clan and use your blessings to heal the Valley of Life. This task doesn’t come easy though, it requires courage and caution as it can be easy to overwhelm the land if you’re careless or wield too much power.

  • The first expansion, Vale of Magic comes completely free with the base game of Mystic Vale on mobile.
  • Pass-and-Play
  • Play local games with friends and family.
  • Innovative Card Crafting System
  • Create your own powerful cards and uncover amazing combos!
  • Beautiful artwork and graphics
  • Free Expansion with the base game
  • Discover a stunning world filled with fantastical creatures.
  • Deep gaming experience
  • Make tactical choices and spend your resources wisely.
  • Tremendous replay value
  • Explore thousands of possible card combinations, with more added via expansions! 

What's New:
  • Fixed Halo Mountain not displaying the correct amounts of Spirit symbols
  • Fixed issue where sleeving an Advancement over Ent Guard would cause the player to lose 1 Mana
  • Fixed crash that would occur if Stag Champion's ability was applied onto a card that already contained a Stag Champion
  • Mystic Vale officially dropping x86 support
  • Fixed issue where Harpy Canyon's dialogue would fail to load if Algeni Upgraded was in the player's field

Mystic vale paid APK with obb data

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