Aug 12, 2019

Xvirus Personal Firewall PRO 4.5 Key Here! [GIVEAWAY]

Xvirus Personal Firewall review

Xvirus Personal Firewall PRO

Xvirus Personal Firewall PRO provides you with everything you need for additional protection against hackers.  Handling Xvirus Personal Firewall is simple, mainly bacause of the short amount of options available. On one side the product displays the current security state of the system according to its assessment while in the right part of the application window there is the configuration panel, which includes access to the trusted and blocked applications lists.

Xvirus Personal Firewall is a straightforward application that relies on whitelisting and blacklisting for managing the connections. There are no parameters to set up or other assessment capabilities that could determine the legitimacy of a connection.  Before installing the product you should know that .NET Framework is required on the system for the firewall to function. Getting the application on the computer is a simple task that does not involve too much user input. A brief configuration wizard allows you to set everything up by creating the default lists of programs that are approved or denied connectivity, based on a list of running processes.

Xvirus Personal Firewall Key 


 Xvirus Personal Firewall Key

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