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Jun 24, 2020

Threema v4.42 build 3000636 Cracked APK [PRO]

Threema cracked APK
Threema is a pro secure messenger app with latest mod. Threema full can be used completely anonymously, allows to make end-to-end encrypted voice calls, and offers every feature one would expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger. With Web, you can also use Threema from your Desktop.

iT is designed to generate as little data on servers as possible – this is a core part of our concept. Group memberships and contact lists are managed on your device only, and never stored on our servers. Messages are immediately deleted after they have been delivered. Local files are stored encrypted on your mobile phone or tablet. All this effectively prevents the collection and misuse of your personal information, including meta data. It is fully compliant with the European privacy legislation (GDPR).

Threema end-to-end encrypts all your communication, including messages, voice calls, group chats, files and even status messages. Only the intended recipient, and nobody else, can read your messages. iT uses the trusted open source NaCl cryptography library for encryption. The encryption keys are generated and safely stored on user’s’ devices to prevent backdoor access or copies.

Each user receives a random ID for identification. A phone number or email address is not required to use It. This unique feature allows you to use Threema completely anonymously – no need to give up private information or to open an account. 


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