Aug 11, 2019

Little Magnet BT Pro v4.5.7 APK is Here [AdFree]

Little magnet bt pro
Little Magnet BT Pro only provide magnet link only, Little Magnet BT Magnetic seed search artifact, the App search results from the network, to achieve a one-stop full-featured magnetic engine seed search capabilities, including video, audio, pictures, novels and so on. Android 6.0 and above system can select the text in other applications, and then select "small magnetic force" directly call the small magnetic search. This app does not provide, does not store torrent files, 

Built-in browser support has been sniffing the video links in the webpage, so that it can be immediately downloaded immediately, and the built-in advertising module is also built. 30% faster with X5 core. Million-level magnetic link search, only you can't think of it. No video content not found. Thunder, ED2k, Magnet, FTP, HTTP, seed and other protocols to play and download. Support most common video formats in the market

[Special Disclaimer] This app does not provide, does not store torrent files, provide magnet link only, if tort, please contact the sharing party. In Baidu, 360 download “small magnetic BT” are packaged party. Magnet link from the DHT network

prompt service is not available, The server is temporarily inaccessible, usually too many visitors, please try again later. In Baidu, 360 download "small magnetic BT" are packaged party

Little magnet bt pro full apk

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