1 Jan 2019

Car Camera Pro v1.4.0 APK [Premium]

Car dashboard camera app
With Car Camera pro you'll get rid of the problem of buying expensive dashboard cameras. Car Camera will surely surprise you with the uniqueness of its features. All of it for a fraction of the price of a standard dashboard camera.

  • control the application stress free with simple and clean user interface,
  • change advanced recording parameters like resolution, whitebalance, autofocus, frames per second,
  • automatically start recording of next video file if you have a free space left,
  • set max recording time per file,
  • capture both video and gps locations data of your journey,
  • capture time lapse videos (recorded video looks like fast-forwarded e.g. 30 minutes of recording fits into 10 minutes of output video),
  • preview your captured route in realtime with embedded Google Maps,
  • continue recording in background allowing you to use your smartphone normally e.g. navigation or internet browsing,
  • watch your recordings and follow your location on Google Maps,
  • manage your recordings with built in browser,
  • record videos with automatic rotary deletion of old files,

 Do you dream about a dashboard camara which you would treat as a "black box" ? Maybe you would like to record a long journeys while capturing both video and gps location data? Or maybe you would like to create a short timelapse videos from your long trips? If at least once your answer was yes, Car Camera pro application is for you.
What's New
  • improved background recording experience on Android 8, 8.1 and 9 - new type of overlay used,
  • fixed Picture in Picture mode used in Google Maps on Android 9, app should cooperate properly now,
  • improved recording performance,

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