14 Oct 2019

Sleep Cycle alarm clock v3.4.0.3667 APK [Premium]

Sleep cycle alarm clock premium

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Sleep Cycle is an premium intelligent alarm clock, Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns and  the alarm clock wakes you up in light sleep the natural way to wake up, feeling rested and energized. Introducing sound analysis - sleep tracking with no need to place the device in bed. All you need to do is turn the app on before going to bed, and place your device on your nightstand or close by on the floor.

Free Features:
  • Sleep analysis with Cycle patented sound technology, or accelerometer
  • Detailed sleep statistics and daily sleep graphs
  • Carefully selected alarm melodies
  • Snooze by shaking or double tapping the phone lightly
  • Customizable wake-up window. From instant (regular alarm clock), up to 90 minutes.

Premium Features:

  • Longterm sleep trends
  • Compare your sleep data to world sleep statistics
  • Snore trends view historical snore trends data
  • Sleep aid helps you fall asleep easier
  • Sleep notes see how events such as coffee, stress, working out, or eating late affect your sleep quality
  • Wake up mood see how Sleep Cycle affects your wake up mood
  • Online backup lets you secure your sleep data online
  • Export sleep data to Excel for detailed analysis


  • Ability to charge your phone by the bed
  • Ability to place your phone according to the instructions (see screenshots) 

Sleep cycle alarm clock full apk download

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