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May 13, 2020

HabitHub Premium v9.8.7 APK is Here [Patched]

Habithub premium

The HabitHub premium is a powerful android habit tracking app, HabitHub is based on Seinfeld's productivity secret which involves building long streaks of days. Your life is essentially the sum of your habits. What you repeatedly do is ultimately the person you become. On top of this every morning when you wake up, it sends you nice little motivational quote :)

  • Comes with four beautiful prebuilt themes.
  • Full featured calendar view for every habit to track and visualize your chains.
  • Powerful reminder system that will help you stay on top of all your habits.
  • Ready for Smartwatches
  • With HabitHub premium you can add notes to any day you want and even read all the notes sorted
  • Flexible goals
  • Comes with the ability to categorize habits according to various aspects of your life to keep you sane and focused !!
  • Track your habits and goals right from the home screen with SIX beautiful widgets for FREE !!
  • See the big picture with the help of graphs.
  • Gain insights into what's working for you and what's not working.
  • Get a break down of all the successful and failed days by weeks, months or years
  • Backup your data to the cloud with Dropbox backup.
  • Import your tracking data from apps like habits streak with just a click

How it works:

  • Setup your habit
  • Mark the days on calendar every time you perform the habit.
  • Soon you will build a chain.
  • Don't Break the chain Enjoy HabitHub premium

Habithub habit and goal tracker premium apk download


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