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Nov 24, 2018

Alpha Cleaner VIP v1.3.1 APK is Here [Premium]

Alpha Cleaner VIP is the premium CLEANER app that boost your android phone.  

Alpha Cleaner is the perfect app to analyze, boost and optimize your android phone and keep it running like a new device. If your smartphone is getting slower and slower, the major reason could be unwanted large sized residual files. Android doesn't clean the sdcard storage automatically if an application is deleted.

  • Displays mounts points and shows occupied and free space
  • Drill down a storage point and see which files are taking up your phone storage. Largest files are at the top and smallest files are at the bottom.
  • Delete, view and rename files in the storage.
  • One-click clean memory button which frees up RAM for your gaming needs
  • One-click cache clean button to delete cache and other residual files taking up storage space.
  • Battery information showing percentage, health and temperature

Key Features:

  • See your files top to bottom in a colorful representation according to brettolbert hue color representation. Red files occupy the largest space, followed by orange and so on.
  • Find duplicate files that unnecessary waste your storage space and delete them. Duplicates have the same color strip.
  • Find and clean obsolete apks that take up phone storage and delete them.
  • Clear privacy by cleaning browser history, app cache, clipboard history


Alpha Cleaner Application contains a beautiful widget with clean design which shows free and occupied storage space. The color of the widget can be customized according to your homescreen theme. Widget can be resized if your launcher allows.
SD Maid PRO another best in class android optimizing app.

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