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Sep 8, 2019

Mi Bandage Premium v4.3.0 APK is Here [Patched]

Mi Bandage premium

Mi Bandage Premium

Mi Bandage premium requires the installation of the official Mi Fit app on the same device. To use Mi Bandage at first you have to pair the Band in Mi Fit app, then you can use it. call answering, speakerphone (turn off the launch music app when headset is connected setting, otherwise the music starts) (not all devices are supported)

Key features:
  • show battery state, estimated remaining time
  • normal and internet incoming call signal with caller display
  • missed call signal with caller display on Band/Amazfit
  • rejecting, answering and silencing a normal and internet incoming call
  • automatic character conversion
  • displays the app's notification texts on Band
  • show the most common emoticons

Mi Band/Amazfit connection features:

  • change volume
  • Band vibrates
  • device screen wake up
  • immediate signal when notification is received
  • when you reconnect show missed notifications
  • notifications reminder
  • signal only when screen is off
  • ongoing notifications are enabled or disabled

"You can also use Tools & Mi Band Pro; provide similar functionality"

If you have a connection problem: 
  • recent apps screen: lock the Mi Bandage (pull down the app and click on lock icon) 
  • phone battery settings/battery optimization: set Mi Bandage app to not optimized 
  • enable settings/theme/notification shade

Mi Bandage premium apk free download


Mi Bandage Premium 4.3.0 / Mirror / Mirror

Mi Bandage Premium v3.4.2 APK (5Mb) / Mirror / Mirror

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