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Sep 4, 2018

Airline Commander v1.0.6 MOD APK + Data! [Update]

Airline Commander MOD

Fly from the main hubs to open thousands of routes towards all the major airports of the world. Be a Airline Commander and Create the best airline in the world and manage dozens of airliners.  Earn from contracts, completing takeoffs, landings, taxiing and exciting challenges in hundreds of airports with realistic runways and high definition regions. Increase your automatic earnings thanks to the routes you open and conquer the sky!

  • Dozens of airliners to build your definitive fleet: turbine, reaction, single deck or double deck
  • Dozens of main hubs with taxiways to open thousands of routes towards all the major airports of the world
  • Hundreds of realistic airports and runways. Regions and airports with high definition satellite images, maps and worldwide navigation
  • Thousands of different situations to handle during takeoff, landing, and all taxiing and airborne phases
  • Real-time air traffic, with real airlines, on the ground and in flight
  • Simplified flight system with navigation help or flight simulation for advanced users
  • Realistic SID/STAR takeoff and landing procedures with pushback system, taxiing and the possibility to dock at the finger with individual display
  • Compete against pilots and airlines from all around the world to prove you're the best
  • Realistic different times of the day with sun, moon, stars and real-time weather conditions
  • Offers Customizable airline livery

Technical details
  • Control tower communication to manage air traffic and provide assistance
  • Takeoffs and landings from basic to advanced and with Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Primary Flight Display and Navigation Display
  • Advanced engine system with startup, faults and fire suppression
  • Fuel management with weight balancing, fuel dumping, real consumption, stall, APU and engine pressure
  • Airline Commander offers More


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