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Aug 8, 2020

All-in-One Calculator Pro v3.0.6 APK [Premium]

The original All-In-One Calculator premium for Android. All-in-One Calculator is a Pro complete and easy to use multi calculator & converter. Featuring over 75 FREE Calculators and Unit Converters packed in with a Scientific Calculator with 40 vibrant themes, it's the only calculator you will need from now on on your device.

75 calculators & converters

  • Algebra, Geometry, Unit Converters, Finance, Health & Misc
  • Currency converter with 160 currencies (available offline)
  • Sort, hide or add calculators to favorites
  • Instant results delivered as you type
  • Step-by-step solution & formulas
  • Smart search for faster navigation
  • Create shortcuts on home screen


  • Percentage calculator
  • Proportion calculator
  • Average calculator - arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means
  • Equation solver - linear, quadratic and equation system
  • Combinations and permutations
  • Decimal to fraction
  • Fraction simplifier
  • Prime number checker
  • Greatest common factor & Lowest common multiple calculator
  • Random number generator


  • Area / Perimeter calculator for square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, rhombus, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, circle, circle arc, ellipse
  • Volume calculator for cube, rect. prism, square pyramid, sq. pyramid frustum, cylinder, cone, conical frustum, sphere, spherical cap, spherical frustum, ellipsoid
  • Right triangle calculator
  • Heron's formula (solve a triangle knowing the side lengths)
  • Circle solver


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