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Oct 26, 2022

Ashampoo Backup Pro 15.0 Key [giveaway]

Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 is our most stable, versatile and performant backup solution yet. Ashampoo Backup constantly verifies each operation to avoid data inconsistency. This even includes health monitoring for your disk drives, with instant notifications should a drive be on the brink of failure. it gives you various options to backup individual files or entire disc partitions. App is User-friendly, intuitive, fast. Even in the event of a total system failure, the integrated emergency application can bring back your system. Ashampoo Backup was specifically designed to do the heavy lifting for you, that means safety without the need for constant user interaction or system slowdown. It's simple, it's fast and it's safe! 
Tailor-made backups with Ashampoo Backup Pro:
  • Well laid out user interface with all important information
  • Single-click access to all important menus
  • Presets for ready-to-use backup plans
  • Handy backup plan overview
  • Detailed information on each backup
  • Up-to-date cloud support
  • Extensive online help and printable PDFs
  • Better stability, flexibility and performance

Create backups, recover and restore files–the easy way:
  • Creates backups from any file type, even entire operating systems.
  • Fully automated data backups
  • Backup and restore any file with ease
  • Backup and restore entire operating systems
  • Secure encryption to protect your privacy
  • User-friendly and self-explanatory
  • Huge space savings through maximum compression
  • Self-explanatory, no technical knowledge required
  • Easy data recovery through program or Windows Explorer
  • Rescue disc against total system failure
  • No computer slow downs, backups will pause automatically when needed
  • The program works fully automatically in the background to prevent data loss.
  • Restoring backups will help with system failure, malware infections or hardware issues.
How are backups created:
  • Disk image (backup images to restore your Windows system)     
  • 1:1 file copies with comparison and integrity check     
  • Complete (full system backups with easy data recovery)     
  • Incremental (50% smaller backups through Infinite Reverse Incremental Backup technology)   
  • Based on file types (backup custom file types, e.g. images, videos, documents)     
  • Versioning (backup entire file histories automatically)     
  • Proactive (backup process will pause automatically at high CPU loads     
  • Automatic synchronization (background service)     
How to avail the giveaway:
ashampoo backup pro full version key
  • STEP3: Open your email client and please confirm your email
  • STEP4: Fill out your basic details → click; Done.Continue 
ashampoo backup pro 15 account

  • STEP5: Click on Show license key
  • You have successfully availed yourself a functional key
ashampoo backup pro license key

How to register:
  • STEP 6: Download and install the program 
  • STEP 7: Use the key you just availed to register



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