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Jun 23, 2018

Fluce for Twitter v1.1.2 APK Is Here! [PRO]

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Fluce for Twitter

Fluce for Twitter is a fully customizable Twitter Client for Android. With Fluce you will have the ability to create your own Twitter-Client according to your own preferences. Whether you like stars instead of hearts, squared profile pcitures or other colors, you can edit Fluce as you like.

Alongside all those features like the timeline, notifications, direct messages, ... Fluce also offers some new features like an unfollower-dashboard (Fluce-Dash Feature), a custom timeline and gif-support (powered by Giphy).

What's New
  • fixed some translations
  • Playing videos is now possible again
  • bugfixes
  • the bottombar disappears while scrolling
  • notifications for private messages can now be disabled
  • Fluce Dash optimizations 

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Fluce PRO v1.1.2 Apk | Mirror | Mirror

Fluce for Twitter v1.0.6.1 APK [15MB] | Mirror | Mirror


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