Nov 19, 2019

Perfect Player IPTV 1.5.5 Patched APK [Premium]

perfect player unlock full version APK

Perfect Player IPTV Full

Perfect Player IPTV premium is set-top box style IPTV/Media player for watching videos on TVs, tablets and smartphones. Perfect Player app is channels free, you need to add Playlists in Settings for this .Note: To get the best playback experience try different Decoder options in Settings.

  • Nice OSD menus and infos for easy and pleasant watching videos with minimum user actions
  • Scaleable OSD renders correctly with any screen resolution and selected font size
  • IPTV watching with channels groups, logos and EPG
  • Local files watching (from SDCard, USB, etc)
  • Video plugins support (online videos watching)
  • Supported playlist formats: M3U, XSPF
  • Supported EPG formats: XMLTV, JTV
  • udpxy (UDP-TO-HTTP proxy) server support
  • Can connect to IPTV data server (Perfect Player's PC version) to fetch playlist, EPG, logos and the ability to request playlist update right away by specifying only IPTV data server address in Settings
  • Can be controlled by remote control, mouse, keyboard, etc
  • Supports Perfect Cast IPTV remote control app designed exclusively for Perfect Player
  • Big controls panel is useful on devices with small screen size (toggle the pannel with the two fingers touch)
  • Extended EPG info viewing
  • For more details and docs, please
  • Play last channel at startup

How To Install

  • Download APK
  • Install Perfect Noramlly
  • Enjoy Perfect Player IPTV Full Version

Perfect Player IPTV Full Version Apk


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