8 Mar 2018

Strike Fighters Pro v2.6.0 APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

Strike Fighters Pro

Strike Fighters Pro

Strike Fighters Pro lets you Dogfight against MiGs! Cold War jet air combat flight game on the go! Strike Fighters Pro Use your phone's tilt sensor to fly classic jet fighters and engage in dogfights through aviation history! 


  • Straight to action jet combat flight game!

  • Easy controls using accelerometer (tilt sensor)!

  • Over 100 historical jet fighter aircraft to unlock!

  • Cold War campaign covering air battles from 1954 to 1992!

  • Progress through the years to unlock more advanced airplanes!

  • No Ads! (Pro Edition)

  • No In-app purchasing! (Pro Edition)

  • No level restriction for unlocking aircraft! (Pro Edition)

  • Extended campaign years (to 1992) for extra keys! (Pro Edition)

  • All aircraft unlocked at level 100! (Pro Edition)

How To Install ?

1: Download Apk From Bellow

2: Open Download Path; Install the Apk

3: That's It Enjoy Strike Fighters Pro

Strike Fighters Pro full apk

Strike Fighters Pro v2.6.0 APK [33MB] | Mirror | Mirror


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