10 Oct 2018

Folder Player Pro v4.6.1 APK is Here [Patched]

Folder player pro cracked apk

Folder Player Pro

Folder Player Pro is a directory and file-centric music mp3 player and is a more advanced version of its popular free counterpart. There are many great mp3 players out there. If you're happy with them, you probably don't need another one. But chances are, you have the same problem as I had before I created this app - you tried many players, and your mp3 tag-based access to your music still too cumbersome, because your world defined - yes - by folders.

Pro features:
  • Priority updates
  • Unlimited tagging, allowing you to create multiple "playlists"
  • Extended cross-fading functionality
  • Ability to auto-delete tracks during playback
  • Option to stop on power loss
  • Option to continue playback for next folder, after current folder finishes
  • M3U support

More features:

  • playing folder trees AND individual files within folders
  • integration with Bluetooth headphones (and your car)
  • integration with last.fm (via scrobbler)
  • pauses during phone calls and navigation speech
  • sequential and random play
  • configurable settings
  • Equalizer
  • Double press headset button to skip track
  • Folder Player can Search

Folder Player Pro Apk Free Download


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