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Mar 18, 2018

AdaptivePack 4.0 Pixel + Oreo style Adaptive Icons! [APK]

Adaptive Pack for Android

AdaptivePack - Pixel + Oreo style Adaptive Icons.

AdaptivePack is an icon pack that allows Action Launcher to display Adaptive Icons on all devices running Android Lollipop or later. For Android Oreo users, AdaptivePack provides Adaptive Icons for a great many apps that currently don’t officially support Adaptive Icons.


  • Adaptive Icons for ~750 of the most popular apps.

  • Maximum resolution icons (up to 432x432).

  • Compare this to many typical icon packs, which max out at 144x144.

  • Dedicated search mechanics,

  • allow you to search for icons by name,

  • developer or even Play Store category.

  • It doesn’t have a potentially gimmicky style you’ll likely grow tired of

  • Tiny 6MB download size.

Unlike most icon packs, AdaptivePack’s icons are intentionally designed not to have a style or theme, but rather to offer Adaptive Icon variants of your most popular apps that look and feel as if the original app developer made them.


Oreo style Adaptive Icons apk

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