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Dr.Web Security Space Pro

Use Dr.Web Security Space Pro for Android for free with the purchase of Dr.Web Anti-virus for PC/Mac. Complex protection from all kinds of threats for mobile devices, Anti-virus for TV sets, media players, and game consoles based on Android TV.
  • Quick and full file system scanning
  • Scanning of individual files and folders upon a request.
  • Real-time scanning of a file system.
  • Unlocking of data from ransomware Trojans and data safety
  • Detection of new, unknown malicious programs using the unique Origins
  • Moving of detected threats to the quarantine; restoration of files.
  • Password proteDr.Web Security Space ction of the Anti-virus settings and access to applications

Minimal load on OS

  • Discreet use of battery resources.
  • Traffic saving due to a small size of the virus database updates.
  • Dr.Web Security Space show Detailed statistics.
  • A convenient and informative widget on a device home screen.

Call and SMS Filter

  • Selection of filtration modes.
  • Personal filtering profiles.
  • Black list.
  • Review of blocked calls and messages.

Parental Control

  • Blocking of access to applications.
  • Blocking of Dr.Web settings modification.
  • Password protection

  • Dr.Web Security Space Offer Filtering of external network traffic of applications, that are installed on a device, and system applications—according to a user choice (Wi-Fi, network) and configurable rules (according to IP addresses and/or ports, entire networks, address ranges);
  • Monitoring of current and already transferred traffic—with information on addresses/ports connected by applications and on incoming and outgoing traffic;
  • Detailed logs.

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