Password Manager+ : Fingerprint & Backup v2.3.0 APK Is Here! [LATEST]

Password Manager+

Password Manager+ : Fingerprint & Backup


Password Manager+ On newer devices, you are allowed to select where to save the backup file. There may be some case where the backup file is not saved to the selected folder (permission/path issue), the prompted message will show the correct folder. 


  • Backup from and restore to any device.

  • Sync with your own Google Drive account.

  • Direct backup to Dropbox & Microsoft OneDrive * NEW! *

  • Search passwords * NEW! *

  • Offline Backup & Restore * NEW! *

  • Strong password generator * NEW! *

  • Scramble PIN Entry * NEW! *

  • Brute-force PIN login prevention. 60 seconds block after 3 failed attempts.* NEW! *

  • AES-256 + SHA2 encryption.

  • Local storage. Only stored on device & backup. No servers.

  • Track Creation Date and Last Updated Date.

  • Fingerprint access. No setup. Use the fingerprint you been using.

  • Easy to use.

Fingerprint Support
Samsung Galaxy S5 is not currently supported due to device is using Samsung's own Fingerprint API instead of Google's Fingerprint API.


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