May 22, 2018

RAM Booster eXtreme Pro 5.3.0p Cracked Apk Here! [PRO]

RAM Booster eXtreme PRO

Full control of your RAM usage. No Root required. RAM Booster eXtreme Pro Comes packed with a task killer that kills tasks without crashing killed apps. Introducing a safe task killing mechanism in Android. Lets not kill them brutally!!. 

RAM Booster eXtreme Features
  • 1 Tap Home screen Widget [NEW].
  • 1 Click RAM Booster.
  • Save Battery by killing malfunctioning Tasks\Services.
  • Booster Levels: Normal, Strong, eXtreme, Super eXtreme.
  • Auto RAM Booster
  • Cleans Cache too.
  • No crashes for killed App.
  • Notify after Auto RAM Boost.

Task Killer: Your Android will run smooth and faster, Safe Kill Tasks now. 
  • Boost your RAM by safe killing tasks. 
  • Kill any tasks that consumes RAM. 
  • Safe kill Services and Process of any Apps without making those App crash. 
  • Kill tasks all together or individually. 
  • White-list Add/Remove. (Apps in white-list won't be killed). 
  • Save battery by killing apps that drains lot of battery. 
  • Uninstall Apps that seems to be suspicious. 
  • See details of tasks before killing. 
  • Save Battery by killing malfunctioning Tasks\Services. 
ram booster extreme speed pro apk


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