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Signal spy pro cracked apk

Signal Spy Pro

Signal Spy allows allows you to see signal strength and technology in real time. Signal Spy Pro can also tell you what LTE band you're using on Sprint and T-Mobile so you can understand what speeds and features to expect. Signal Spy also keeps a history of all of your connections: when you connect and disconnect from WiFi, and what carrier you're using! Pro Users can now see a history of Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity along with signal strength and location!


  • No Ads 

  • Detailed History 

  • Additional information on history cards 

  • Detailed view for each history card with additional data 

  • Automatic Dialer Codes 

  • Root supported direct switching 

  • Non-root supported switching (requires Accessibibility support) 

  • Advanced Data Usage 

  • Variable date data usage reports 

  • Sortable by name or MB used 

  • See data used by carrie

  • Data Limit 

  • Set daily limits to warn you when you use too much data 

  • Ability to limit data usage when you cross a user defined threshold 

  • Android 7.1 App Shortcuts

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Signal Spy Pro v1.9.9.4 APK  [7MB] | Mirror | Mirror 

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