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Jul 15, 2022

Iris Mini Pro 0.4.1 with Activation code [Giveaway]

iris mini pro activation code

Iris Mini Pro Giveaway

Iris Mini Pro is a eye protection software. Iris Mini can reduce the color temperature of the screen and it can also reduce the screen brightness. Think of color temperature like decreasing the blue light emitted from the screen. At night the blue light stops the secretion of melanin, the hormone responsible for our sleep. What iris does at night is based on your location it makes your screen a little more yellow or red depending on the value of the color temperature. This is like other software like f.Lux, night shift and other blue light blocking software.

The other cool thing is about the brightness. When your monitor is working it flickers all the time. This flicker is usually at really high frequency and we don’t detect it. There is no way to make monitor without this flicker and this is not the actual problem. The problem is that most monitor makers control the brightness with decreasing this flicker rate (the so called pulse width modulation). And the lower the frequency the worse for our eyes. This is the reason you feel eye pain, headaches and other problems from the pc. Well iris mini can change the brightness without decreasing the flicker frequency which is really cool.

You can register by right-clicking the Iris icon in the system tray and going to ACTIVATE PRO. If you get an error "You have already used this code on another machine", then please close Iris Mini Pro, reopen it, and try to register again; it will work. Giveaway end in 19th September. Just install the app use "Iris-giveaway " to register

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