Droid Automation - Pro Edition 3.2 b48 Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

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Droid Automation is Automation App Android. This app allow you to perform actions and automate tasks that were once repetitive. User friendly and easy to use, Droid Automation Pro will make your life easier.
Create your profile, add your tasks and select your triggers. That's it !

Droid Automation has “dumbed down” the automation process by asking the users to create their profiles and set triggers from sensor and radio data. After that, Droid Automation takes over to make the repetitive tasks go away.

  • Enable/Disable Wifi

  • Enable/Disable Bluetooth

  • Enable/Disable Mobile Data

  • Connect to a Bluetooth Device

  • Enable/Disable Wifi Hotspot

  • Set Volume (media, ringtone, notifications etc.)

  • Toggle Brightness Mode

  • Set Brightness

  • Set Display Sleep Timeout

  • Auto-Rotate

  • Enable/Disable Notification Light

  • Change Sound Profile

  • Set Alarm

  • Enable/Disable Car Mode

  • Set Timer

  • Select input Method

  • Launch Application

  • Launch URL

  • Run Tools

  • Dial Number

  • Make a Phone Call

  • Compose SMS

  • Send SMS

  • Compose Email

  • Open Geolocation

  • Open Address

  • Run Tasker

  • Text to Speech

  • Event Pop-up

  • Expand Notification Bar

  • Uninstall Apps

What's New

  • New task: Send UDP message

  • New task: Multiple-choice entry to variable

  • New conditional block: Call state

  • Bug fixes

droid automation pro


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