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Nov 26, 2018

Torrent Search Engine v4.0.1 mOd APK [Patched]

Torrent Search Engine Apk

Torrent Search Engine is the best tool to search and download torrents directly from your device. 

Torrent Search Engine app and the app will be automatically opened with your results. Just enable “Ok Google” feature in Google Settings app to use Voice Search
  • Search torrents choosing your favorite search provider from settings
  • Concurrent mode available to search across all providers concurrently
  • Download files directly on your device (you need a torrent client app on your device. If you don’t have it, you will be asked to download one for free)
  • Copy or share torrent and magnet links. Use magnet as favorite, it’s more reliable and doesn’t require .torrent file download
  • Filter torrents by categories
  • Remove torrents without seeders option in settings
  • You can choose the following sort criteria for torrent results
  • size (ascending and descending)
  • Torrent Search Engine Search suggestions based on your search history
  • Forward magnet links and download from your computer using a torrent remote app ( when you tap "download with torrent client” you can choose a torrent remote app if available on your device)
  • Voice Search Integration

What's New
  • Fixed torrent client detection issue
  • Additional torrent client apps supported
  • Search and stability improvements
  • RSS feeds section available! Add custom RSS feeds from torrent websites

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