7 Apr 2017

Network Toolbox Pro v5.3 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

Network Toolbox Apk

Network Toolbox Pro

Network Toolbox is your one stop shop for all the tools you need to troubleshoot your network on the go.


  • Lookup Whois information for any domain right from your android device

  • Quickly check if a domain is available for registration by performing a Whois looku

  • Choose from any of 254 known whois servers, or add and query your own. 

  • Formatted Whois results to improve readability


  • Forward and reverse DNS lookups. 

  • Supported DNS record types: A, AAAA, APL, CNAME, DNAME, MX, LOC, NS, PTR, RP, SOA, SPF, SRV, TXT

DNSBL / RBL Black List Check:  

  • Check any host or IP against over 60 DNSBL / RBL servers 

  • Get TXT statistics for IP or domain from senderbase.org

Network Block Info (ARIN):  

  • Get Network Block information for any host or IP. 

  • Choose which Regional Internet Registry(RIR) to query for Network Block Information


  • Ping any host or IP. 

  • Also works on non-rooted devices from Android 4.3

Port Scan:  

  • Scan a host or IP for Open ports 

  • Scan progresses from Port 1 to 65535, but can be cancelled at any time. App will display results up to last scanned port.

External IP Address:  

  • Find your external (Internet) IP address for the network you are currently connected to.

Geo Location:  

  • Find the country, city, area code, region, metro, postal code, latitude and longitude of any IP address 

  • View location coordinates on a map

CIDR Calculator:  

  • Determine start and end addresses, address count, broadcast and network addresses for a CIDR address in the format xx.xx.xx.xx/yy

Test Email Server:  

  • Test your email server's configuration. Check rDNS and banner matches, server security and response times. 

  • Click here to read more about the RBL check, Geo IP and Email Server Test features: http://goo.gl/2Yjh94

Daytime and Quote of the Day (QOTD):  

  • Supports getting date and time from any server supporting the Daytime protocol (RFC 867). 

  • Supports reading Quote of the Day from servers supporting the QOTD protocol (RFC 865).

Other Features:  

  • Extremely fast and light weight. 

  • Easily share results from all tools with other apps on your device. 

  • Allows text selection and copying of results 

  • Designed for Android 4.0 (ICS) but also works with older Android versions 


Network Toolbox Pro

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