Jan 8, 2019

Touch for Facebook Plus v7.0.0 APK [PRO]

Touch for facebook plus apk download
Touch for Facebook plus want to bring you a professional way to browse the world's biggest social networks. bring you a way that is fast, battery efficient, beautiful, simple, intuitive and customizable and that cares about your privacy. It should run well on every device, no matter its performance.

nables you to access facebook your feeds and customize them to your liking, organize events, communicate with images, your location, videos and more, even in groups! You can search for friends, pages and more. Communicate with the people you care about without installing any additional apps!

Of course, Touch has many more features than only those basic ones: You can get notified about messages and everything that is happening, focus on your content with a full-screen mode, enable a dark theme for better readability at night or customize look to your liking with its theme engine. Tickers allow you to access notifications and your feed without leaving other apps.

For built-in security, it features a lock which prevents unwanted users from accessing your private data. With Continuity, you can access many social networks directly inside of the app. Focused Browsing creates the most compelling browsing experience by having a wonderful design and loading sites blazingly fast.

Not all of those features are available with Free. Get Touch for Facebook plus to enjoy every feature and go ad free!
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it is an alternative app and is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Touch for facebook pro apk download

Touch Pro v7.0.0 build 1021 APK (6Mb) / Mirror / Mirror

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