LeanDroid Premium v3.3.1 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

 LeanDroid Premium Apk

LeanDroid Premium


LeanDroid is a lightweight and incredibly powerful battery saver. It automatically manages the power-hungry radios on your device while the screen is off to significantly lengthen battery life.

Get the most out of your device with the most advanced and efficient battery saver! The no-frills battery saver that actually works!


  • Automatically disables Wi-Fi 

  • Automatically disables cellular data (root only on Lollipop+) 

  • Automatically disables cellular radio (root only on Lollipop+) 

  • Automatically disables Bluetooth 

  • Automatically disables network location (KitKat+, root only on Lollipop+) 

  • Automatically disables GPS location (KitKat+, root only on Lollipop+) 

  • Automatically switches cellular network mode (Lollipop+ and with root)

  • Periodically restores connections for sync

  • Schedule when LD should be active with the time exceptio

  • Set exceptions for when certain apps are running

  • Set exceptions by Wi-Fi name

  • Set exceptions by Bluetooth device

  • Set exceptions by data transfer speed

  • Many more options

  • No ads 

It can disable WiFi, Cellular Data (2G, 3G, LTE)*, Cellular radio*, Bluetooth, and Location* (networks and GPS) after a certain time with the screen off to conserve battery power and lower data usage. Connections are restored when the screen is turned back on or unlocked, as well as periodically, to allow for notifications to come in. LD will only re-enable connections that it disabled, not all of the selected connections. There are many additional options to set to your preference.

LeanDroid Premium


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