Sep 26, 2019

Hibernate Full (Real Battery Saver) 6.0 Patched APK [PRO]

Hibernate FULL (Real Battery Saver)

Hibernate Full The Real Battery Saver pro saves and improve battery life of your device, Hibernate prp also enhance performance and functionalities of your Smartphone, to give you a true experience of using Smartphone. Hibernate forcibly stops the power consuming apps and settings to execute their processes to save and improve battery life of your android device. Unlike many battery saver apps, Hibernate - The Real Battery Saver operate when the screen of your device is off, which means you don't have to worry about using applications or some settings you need; as Hibernate works only when your phone is in idol condition.

Settings like Bluetooth, WIFI, and Sync use ample amount of battery. By using Hibernate, you can ensure more battery juice in your smartphone.Hibernate also prevent your smartphone to get heated and keep your device lagging free so that you can have the experience of using your smartphone in a better and smooth way.

Many heavy apps like some social media apps, keep running in the background to get updates and status, even when the phone is in idol condition; which takes a heavy toll on your phone's battery life. Now Hibernate makes a list of such power consuming apps, from which you can choose to hibernate apps which you don't want to execute, when your phone is in idol condition. Hibernate stops those chosen apps to execute only when the screen of your phone is off. Which saves ample amount of battery power. 

 CPU is “the brain of android” constantly computing many demanding tasks like updating apps, widgets and checking for software updates. These computing tasks drain lots of battery. This setting locks CPU to its lowest possible frequency ensuring huge battery saving and enhanced performance.

Hibernate Full pro APK download

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