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Jul 29, 2016

iSyncr Pro for iTunes v5.14.62 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

iSyncr Pro for iTunes

iSyncr Pro Sync your Apple iTunes music library with your Android devices. The pro version of iSyncr gives you unlimited song and playlist syncing. 

Syncing Features 

  • iTunes music, podcasts, and videos over WiFi or USB

  • Playlists, ratings, play counts, skip counts, last played date, and last skipped date Keep your smart playlists up to date

  • Sync to internal or external storage, including Lollipop SD cards!

  • Automatic wireless syncing of your music and videos on a schedule

  • Compatible with MTP, unlike other top solutions

  • Album art with your music to enjoy on your phone

  • Multiple iTunes Libraries

  • Quick setup, sync directly with your existing iTunes playlists and libraries

  • Create smart playlists on your phone using the Live Lists feature

  • Sync your MP3 downloads from your phone back to your iTunes library

  • Sync Android playlists back to your computer 


Combine iSyncr with our free Rocket Player music player to take advantage of these 

Additional features

  • New playlists and playlist changes back to iTunes

  • Podcast bookmarks to and from iTunes

  • iSyncr Live Lists dynamically update on Android while playing

  • Video play counts sync back to iTunes 

iTunes for Windows, or iTunes for Mac OS 10.5+ required.


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