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May 18, 2022

TurboScan PRO v1.6.3 APK is Here! [Latest]

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TurboScan boasts a powerful yet easy to use interface.TurboScan turns your android into a full-featured professional and powerful multi page scanner for documents, receipts, notes, whiteboards, photos, or other everyday text. With this app, you can quickly scan your documents in high quality and store or send them as multipage PDF or JPEG files. Get instant one-tap brightness, rotation and color controls all on one screen! TurboScan's handy "Email to myself" feature lets you send documents to a predefined address, or even upload them to online storage sites like Dropbox, with a single tap. 

  • Automatic document edge detection and perspective correction
  • SureScan mode for very sharp scans
  • Ultra-fast processing (under 3 seconds per page)
  • Document naming, storage inside the app and search
  • Multipage editing: add, reorder, and delete pages
  • Copy pages between stored scans
  • “Email to myself” feature for quick emails
  • Email document as PDF, JPEG or PNG, or save to camera roll
  • Arrange multiple receipts or business cards on a PDF page
  • Open PDFs or JPEGs in other apps like the free Dropbox app (or Evernote, GoogleDrive, OneDrive app, etc) to send to clouds, or fax apps
  • Printing via Cloud Print or other print apps
  • Instant one-tap brightness, rotation, and color controls
  • Compact attachments with adjustable size

Tips on scanning:
  • Make sure your document is flat and well lit.
  • For best edge detection, include some margin around your document while shooting.
  • Use flash in low light conditions, but avoid glare with glossy documents.
  • If your flash over-saturates images or makes them blurry, please change the flash option in app Settings 
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