22 Jul 2016

Shoot Camera v1.13 APK is Here! [PRO]

Shoot Camera APK

Shoot Camera APK


Shoot Camera is a new camera app that unlocks all the advanced pro features your camera has to offer and brings you the best photo quality possible in an intuitive and powerful design.

More Features
  • Stealth mode (secret/hidden cam for discreet shots)
  • Flash torch for front camera (selfie cam)
  • Remote control with capture review on Android Wear devices (useful for selfies, group shots, candid photos, inspection, periscope type of angles etc)
  • Manual white balance
  • Burst mode
  • Self timer mode
  • Framing grid
  • Cable and remote shutter release via headset and bluetooth headset button (on selfie stick etc)
  • Optimized for post processing mode for JPEG images (optional output mode with minimal noise reduction and sharpening)
  • Auto metering lock with pressed shutter button
  • Geotagging

This is what makes Shoot different

  • Full manual controls and RAW files (DNG format)
  • Very fast with minimal lag
  • Real time highlight and shadow clip warnings and histogram
  • Android Wear smartwatch remote control with live preview
  • Continuous exposure details (shutter speed/exposure time, aperture, ISO sensitivity)
  • Manual focus and focus distance indicator
  • Take pictures and record HD video in the same camera app
  • Camera guide and manual to learn more about photography and manual settings
  • Clear, uncluttered and familiar user experience
  • Camera capabilities and sensor information
  • Constantly evolving, with lots of exciting features and improvements on the way

Shoot Camera APK Free Download


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