Map Coordinates Pro 4.7.2 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

Map Coordinates Pro

Map Coordinates Pro

This app is very intuitive and easy to use, designed to help you determine the coordinates of specific point on the map and share them with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. If your device is rooted and you have checked the share screenshot option, a screenshot of the map will also be attached if you share your location via email. In addition, you can visualize the location on the map of certain coordinates or address.
In the „Settings” screen you can switch between the available coordinates types, set the precision of MGRS coordinates type, you can show or hide the „Address bar” and you can enable or disable the „Measure tool” for which you can select different measure units, depending on your needs. The available measure units are: „Metric”, „Imperial” and „Marine”
Providing 4 types of maps:
  • normal
  • satellite
  • terrain
  • hybrid

4 types coordinate Representations
  • degrees, minutes and seconds ( N 45 ° 48 ' 40.47 " E 22 ° 48 ' 28.06 " )
  • degrees and minutes ( N 50 ° 11.17 ' E 9 ° 53.05 ' )
  • decimal degrees ( Lat: -8.21 Long: - 61.11 )
  • MGRS (35TLK5241798377)
  • Map supported operations are:
  • 3D for normal map type
  • tilt using 2 fingers drag
  • rotation using 2 fingers rotation
  • drag & drop marker
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Map Coordinates Pro 4.4.10 Apk | Mirror | Mirror

Map Coordinates Pro v4.4.10 APK [4MB] | Mirror | Mirror

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